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A Better Clean

A Better Clean

Because of our rock-solid dependability and reputation for service excellence, we’ve earned an A+ rating as an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau®.


A "Greener" Team

A Brighter Way only uses cleaning products approved by the Environmental Choice Program (EcoLogo™), biodegradable, non-noxious, and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Quality Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

Quality Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

At A Brighter Way we use the latest cleaning technology to provide you the best possible cleaning service.

Higher health and safety standards

Higher health and safety standards

A Brighter Way is a BBB® accredited business and members of the Contract Cleaners Association of Alberta (CCAA).

Value For Your Money

Value For Money

Trained and motivated staff, quality equipment, and cost effective eco-friendly products. These produce efficiency that saves us time, and our customers money.

Exceptional Track Record

Exceptional Track Record

Our battle tested team has various Projects and clients that make us proud. Call us today to join our extremely satisfied clients.

Cleaning Tasks

Common Cleaning Tasks

  • High and Low Dust removal
  • Surface Cleaning / Disinfecting and Polishing
  • Dust mop and Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Damp and Wet Mopping
  • Machine Scrubbing Hard Surfaces Floors
  • Trash/Recycling Collection and Removal
  • Washroom Sanitation

Special Area Cleaning

  • Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning
  • Light Fixtures and Vents
  • Wall Washing
  • Window Washing
  • Furniture and Metal Cleaning

Types of Cleaning

We generally perform two types of cleaning tasks within the buildings space.

Appearance Cleaning takes into account the order and tidiness of the building and that it is in good repair and is free from any visible soil.

Health Cleaning involves appearance cleaning as well, but takes into account health factors like fighting bacteria. This usually involves more time to complete compared to appearance cleaning but each type of cleaning requires many skills to complete successfully.

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